In Italy Harbert released the four Series 1 die cast ships under license from Kenner. The obvious difference from the SW12 cardbacks is the large Harbert logo on the front and back, as well as the 'Guerre Stellari' replacing 'Star Wars'.

The ships were released in two waves with the Land Speeder (Hovercraft Scooter), TIE Fighter (Caccia TIE) and X-Wing (Caccia Ala-X) released on SW12 backs, and Darth Vader TIE Fighter (Caccia TIE Di Lord Darth Fener) appearing later on a SW21 backs. The Land Speeder was also reissued on a 21 back and it's feasible the X-Wing and TIE Fighter were also reissued.

Probably the most significant difference between Harbert and Kenner cards is that the Land Speeder or 'Hovercraft Scooter' was released on the SW21 back as well as the SW12 back. As yet no Kenner 21 back Land Speeders have been recorded. Interestingly the only other non-Kenner licensee to release all the Series 1 ships was Palitoy, which used the SW12 back for all four ships and never produced a 21 back.

The Harbert SW21 backs feature the Wave 2 ships on the rear of the card despite these not being available in Harbert packaging. The Millennium Falcon is the only ship that kept its English title, albeit with the misspelling of the Kenner 21 back. The Y-Wing is named Caccia Ala-Y and the Imperial Cruiser named Incrociatore Imperiale.

Caccia Ala-X and Caccia TIE di Lord Darth Fener images courtesy of Bazzani Francesco Riccione. SW12 Hovercraft Scooter image courtesy of Michael Gohlke.