Darth Vader TIE fighter

The Darth Vader TIE fighter was very similar in design to the TIE Fighter. It featured a die cast body with removable plastic solar wings and a removable Darth Vader pilot - the figure being far more suited to this ship than the TIE. The ship was essentially a scaled down version of the 3 and 3/4" Darth Vader's ship, with both ships comprising a TIE body with Darth Vader TIE wings. This difference was quite obvious when compared to the picture on the film scene on the cardfront.


The Darth Vader TIE Fighter was originally intended to have significantly smaller wings, but redesigned before its subsequent release. The small wing Darth Vader TIE is discussed in more detail in 'Featured Articles'.

Original photo art used with permission of Kim D M Simmons / the man who shot Luke Skywalker

Released a short while after the other Series 1 ships the Darth Vader TIE was only released in the US and Italy on a SW21 back, in Canada on a SW20 back and in the UK on a SW12 back.

Caccia TIE Di Lord Dath Fener courtesy of Bazzani Francesco Riccione