Land Speeder

The Land Speeder was the least popular of the Series 1 ships and apparently not released on Empire Strikes Back packaging like the TIE Fighter and X-Wing. Its scale was larger than that of the other Series 1 ships but was still too small to fit in the with 3 and 3/4" line of toys.

It also was distinctly lacking in action features - 'wheels give 'Floating' ride' was its selling point. In its favour the suspension was pretty solid!

The observant amongst you may have spotted that Luke is in the driving seat, whereas the screen footage of the hunt for R2 has C3P0 driving. On the cardfront Luke is still a passenger as Ben is now at the wheel!

SW12 Canadian Land Speeder courtesy of Todd ThornhillClipper Land Speeder photo courtesy of Michael GohlkeMeccano Land Speeder courtesy of Dorotheé DrouinToltoys Land Speeder photo courtesy of Jacob Arellano @ The Rebel Hideout

Until recently no known examples of the SW21 Land Speeder had been recorded so perhaps an ESB31 also exists. Keep those eyes peeled!